Sunday, March 13, 2011

This is what this blog is about

Thats right, now we all need to go get our new numbers... I'm thinking **Ubergeek... hmmm maybe buy **Geeksquad and charge best buy a store full of goodies?

Got 150 bucks to burn?

That mouse has more adjustments then a Sims3 new character screen. I think they simply said "How many adjustment screws can we fit on a single mouse?" and then added one more.

Creepy Guy at Bar

Or is he? Maybe its really this company testing this in your local........

I would recommend watching some of the other videos after this completes (in the video itself)

to tweet or not to tweet - marketing

OK, so we all know that any tool can be used by evil and good. You need to decide,  was this really a moment of insensitive marketing, or a misguided attempt by someone with minimal social skills and a weak understanding of the concept of in internet?

Feel free to comment. Flame wars will get drowned.